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April 2021:

Now that 'Reginetta del Mare' is now installed in the client's home, I have been able to complete a project (which has been off and on between commissions).


"Structured Chaos and Bewildered Lizards"    36" x 48" on canvas (oil and acrylic) 

This painting is a piece I started for myself as an experiment of doing something 'simple' to rest my brain between commissions. During 2020. It was supposed to be simple pattern, but as you know - if you know me - it grew into something more. But, it's been a great release and something that helped me shift my creative juices in my time of need. I solicited titles of the painting - I had no idea... and with the suggestions, as well as synonyms of each, and pulled each word out of a bowl - I came up with the title. I love it. It is wired to be hung vertically or vertically.


"Nautilus"  (16" x 20") acrylic on canvas

This is a different medium than I usually work with. During a much needed break as I was working on 3 commissions, I wanted a 'free day'. So I toyed with pouring medium and a hair dryer. I loved it!! (This was the one I liked out of the other 'things' that I did... eek!). It's been finished for a good while now, but I haven't had a chance to coat it with resin or anything else. I'm going to get it framed. It shines like glass and there are many flakes of gold as well as glitter within the resin. How fun! Some of the colors that I used are fluorescent and glow under black light.

Nautilus photo.jpg
Nautilus glow.jpg

"Amber" (20" x 24") and "Trixie" (18" x 18")

Almost done!!!