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MAY 2020:

As the Coronavirus is affecting us all, please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and be safe!


Still working on the wave painting triptych (three 60" x 15" canvases), which has proved to be challenging but really gets the creative juices going. And going. There is so much of it!  Thinking it will be completed by the end of June!

'Artemis', the husky blend dog, is in his first stage of planning and painting. Planning on finishing by end of June.  

'Jupiter' has come into my orbit! I am extremely fortunate to have been commissioned to paint one of the coolest planets in the solar system. Target date is mid-June.

Everyone take care!!!!

Yes, I know I need another bazillion dots for the wave. And no, I don't think adding a mouse will give it the 'right touch'.

My comrades have been celebrating and having a grand time while my back is turned and painting... Where's the cat?!

Jewel Conway