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July 2020:

As the Coronavirus is affecting us all, please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and be safe! Wear a mask!!!



Artemis is a Husky with parents in Chicago!  Completed last week as a commission for a birthday present. Happy Birthday, Rachel!

24" x 24"  Oil on canvas

In "Paintings/Commissions" section of the web site

Bull City Art & Frame Company

The Gallery is undergoing its periodic change of artwork and I've swapped out some pieces.  The paintings displayed right now in the gallery: "Swan Song", "A Wild Composition", and a new painting, 

"Jacques", (The one with a matching mask!)  #bullcityartandframecompany

"A Wild Composition"  (36" x 36") Oil and acrylic on canvas  $600

"Swan Song"  (36" x 36")

Oil on canvas  $600

The artwork that is now back in my studio from the gallery:  "Gunther" (Painting that won the Bull City Competition in Durham), "Siamese Betta Fish", "Under the Spotlights" - created specifically for the Gammage Auditorium in Arizona (a center for Broadway and international shows) for the performances of "Wicked" and "Flashdance" - plus my niece is a dancer. "Berkshire Birch Trees" (Gotta say, it's two green birch trees in Autumn) in an impasto technique with a high gloss varnish. But why have white birch trees, right? Shoot me an email if you're interested in any of the pieces in the Paintings/Gallery menu:

"Berkshire Birch Trees"  (4' x 3')

Oil and acrylic  on canvas  $650

"Gunther"  (30" x 40")

Oil on canvas   $600

"Siamese Betta Fish"  (18" x 18")

Oil and acrylic on canvas   $190

"Under the Spotlights"  (36" x 36")

Oil and acrylic  on canvas  $600

"Jacques"  (24" x 30")  Oil on canvas   $375

New Project:

"Solidarity Project 2.0 - A Response to Covid-19"

It is an incredibly important project stemming from the Solidarity Project, originating from Poland. The original Project was applied to art in relation to Solidarity. It is now 40th Anniversary of the Solidarity movement that changed Poland and was a major movement in recognizing human rights. The Project has been spearheaded by international artist from the United States, Joanna Pottle, who is working as a Fulbright Scholar in Poland.

The link to the full description of the Project is provided here:

As the impact of Covid-19 has been (and continues to be) devastating worldwide, the Project has expanded to entering a new physical paradigm that is drastically altering life as we know it and to reflect on what art means, and in the light of the pandemic, to think about the significance of artistic creation in this time of crises.  Artists have been encouraged to translate the effects, visions and interpretations through their creations. The project emphasizes Humanity, Empathy and Solidarity. 

I'm very excited to be a part of such an opportunity and have already mapped out my artwork! (Spoiler: it's bright)

Jewel Conway