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June 2020:

As the Coronavirus is affecting us all, please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and be safe!


Finally completed the wave commission! A triptych measuring three 60" x 15" canvases. It's been a real challenge but an incredibly wonderful project to be immersed in. The title the client chose is 'Hanu Lele', in Hawai'ian is is "rainbow wave'. I think it's perfect! 

'Jupiter' has finished its orbit and got sent on its way!! (Oil paint on gallery wrapped canvas - 30" x 30") So fun to paint! The perspective of the painting is the South Pole of the planet. The background is not black, it's Prussian Blue and has a sheen. It's a really cool dark blue. Why do black when you can use blue??

When you need to do a bazillion dots (in layers) for water spray effect - Qtips are a painter's answer to not going crazy or blind.

'Artemis', a Husky blend dog, is now my sole concentration. Completion time will be in July.

Everyone take care!!!!

Jewel Conway