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November - December 2020:

Where has the end of the year gone? Obviously, it has been a crazy last two months. Geez! I've been busy completing three paintings for clients. "Jolly" and "Cheddar" were delivered at the beginning of December and "Skippy" was delivered mid-December. Somehow, a few specialty paints I use actually glow under black light! Had no idea until a client pointed it out to me (he's young).

HUGE NEWS!!! Yo-Yo Ma, the world famous cellist, liked both "Cheddar" and "Skippy" on my Instagram account!!!! YES!! We are all ecstatic!!

Berkshire Birch Trees image.jpg

"Berkshire Birch Trees" 

3' x 4' oil on canvas



"Jolly" (Golden Retriever)   3 x 4 foot canvas (oil)        "Cheddar" (Tabby) 2 x 3 foot canvas (oil)

"Jolly" is a 'platinum' Golden Retriever from Durham, NC.  He has a favorite toy (a dragon) that he carries everywhere with him!   Cheddar, an orange Tabby, is his best pal.  Under a black light, my favorite pink, green and purple paints actually glow! Had no idea. 

Jolly cropped.jpg
Jolly glow.jpg
Cheddar regular.png
Cheddar Glow.jpg

"Skippy" (18" x 18") oil on canvas

"Skippy" is a super friendly and goofy, large hound dog who is all legs and enthusiasm. I met him! This painting was a gift to a Skippy's dad, originally from Texas. Note the pattern on the pillow is the image of Texas (although it is squished here and there).

Me with mask_glasses.jpg

As the Coronavirus is affecting us all, please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and be safe! Wear a mask!!!