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November - December 2020:

Where has the end of the year gone? Obviously, it has been a crazy last two months. Geez! I've been busy completing three paintings for clients. "Jolly" and "Cheddar" were delivered at the beginning of December and "Skippy" was delivered mid-December. Somehow, a few specialty paints I use actually glow under black light! Had no idea until a client pointed it out to me (he's young).

HUGE NEWS!!! Yo-Yo Ma, the world famous cellist, liked both "Cheddar" and "Skippy" on my Instagram account!!!! YES!! We are all ecstatic!!

"Berkshire Birch Trees" 

3' x 4' oil on canvas



"Jolly" (Golden Retriever)   3 x 4 foot canvas (oil)        "Cheddar" (Tabby) 2 x 3 foot canvas (oil)

"Jolly" is a 'platinum' Golden Retriever from Durham, NC.  He has a favorite toy (a dragon) that he carries everywhere with him!   Cheddar, an orange Tabby, is his best pal.  Under a black light, my favorite pink, green and purple paints actually glow! Had no idea. 

"Skippy" (18" x 18") oil on canvas

"Skippy" is a super friendly and goofy, large hound dog who is all legs and enthusiasm. I met him! This painting was a gift to a Skippy's dad, originally from Texas. Note the pattern on the pillow is the image of Texas (although it is squished here and there).

As the Coronavirus is affecting us all, please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and be safe! Wear a mask!!!

Jewel Conway