Latest Stuff!

January 2021:

"Lego"    24" x 28" on canvas (oil) 

"Lego" is a sweet dog who passed away recently and his mom is a wonderful friend of mine! And as he always had, he glows. (Especially under black light...)

Body front.jpg

New Commissions

"Amber"    20" x 24" 

Amber is a Miniature Goldendoodle and is in the works. Here is the reference photo.


"Trixie"    18" x 18" 

Trixie is a brown/gray tabby. Sweet girl. Here is the reference photo.

Trixie reg.jpg

"Dragon"    8 foot x 4 foot on canvas 

(oil and acrylic on canvas) 

The dragon has been a huge project I've been working on for months now. Changes upon changes have been made, and required items to be included into the painting have been tricky to integrate. But, she's a water dragon living on an island within the Ionian Sea, between Italy and Greece, with a baby dragon. The baby writes letters to, Leo and Eva (clients children's names). Dragons love tacos. And it's Taco Tuesday. A bunch of other items are included as well, which makes it interesting to say the least. Sooooo, an Island Girl it is! It'll be finally completed in March.  I'd add a photo, but it's so big that I need a professional photographer to actually get an accurate picture. Onward!