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APRIL 2020:

As the Coronavirus is affecting us all, please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and be safe!


Hubby and I moved to Raleigh from Durham during this crazy time, which was no easy task. But, luckily, I get an unfinished basement built perfectly for a studio. And it's huge! Also, I am so happy to have two commissions on the books from April. Who needs to unpack everything when you can set up your studio and go to work?  So, my Stay Home time has been a good thing. Very fortunate.

A client has commissioned a wave in a triptych format (three 60" x 15" canvases) which is challenging and really cool to create. WOW! Teensy-eensy dots needed for the water spray.... I'm making progress on two of the canvases. I expect to finish by the end of May-ish??

As well, I have just started another painting yesterday of a beautiful husky named 'Artemis'. He looks like an Artemis. I'm hoping to finish some time in May also or early June. 

Everyone take care!!!!

Jewel Conway