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May 2021:


I was able to complete and ship two commissions this month. "Amber", a toy Goldendoodle, and "Trixie", a tabby cat!

"Amber" (20" x 24") oil on canvas

Final Amber.jpg

"Trixie"  (18" x 18") oil on canvas

Trixie Final.jpg

Abstract Series

After 18 months intricate work on commissions and gallery pieces, I decided to take a break and do something different! It was really fun and also relaxing to create pieces that weren't planned.  I was able to complete 14 paintings! Some are coated with a resin finish, others aren't, but almost all of them have glitter!!

 "Blew a Fusion" (24" x 24")

acrylic  on canvas with gloss resin varnish


 "Confetti Confection" (24" x 24") acrylic  on canvas

Confetti Confection.jpg

 "Charged Dark Matter" (24" x 24") acrylic  on canvas


 "South Polar Wall Galaxies" (30" x 40") acrylic  on canvas

South Pole Galaxies Final.jpg

 "Geometric Tidal Disruption No. 1 & No.2" (24" x 24" each) acrylic  on canvas

Geometric Tidal Disruption 1.jpg

 "Phoenix" (20" x 24")

acrylic  on canvas

Phoenix final.jpg

 "Ultrabright at the Speed of Light No. 1 and No. 2" (24" x 24" each canvas)

Acrylic on canvas with gold, silver and copper leaf flakes. Wired to hang vertically or horizontally. Originally painted as a diptych but each canvas is available individually.


 "Rhythm of the Cosmos" (24" x 34")

Acrylic and holographic paint with silver and gold leaf flakes on canvas. Gloss resin varnish

Rhythm of the Cosmos 2.jpg

 "Above the Kàrmàn Line" (diptych 17.5" x 21.5" each framed) acrylic  on canvas

Above the Kaman Line.jpg

 "Magnetic Cloud" (16" x 20")

acrylic  on canvas, wired to hang vertically or horizontally

Magnetic Cloud.jpg

 "Audio Vibrations" (22" x 28") acrylic  on canvas with gloss resin varnish

Audio Vibrations.jpg

 "Blitzar" (24" x 36") acrylic  on canvas