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The APS Walk for the Animals is an annual fundraising event and they depend on every dollar to care for the 6,500 animals who come to the shelter every single year.  It takes more than 90 volunteers to pull this off. The volunteers help with planning. marketing, leading volunteer teams, greeting, registration, staffing tables, making sure everyone has water, knows where to park and much, much more.

The Tails at Twilight, is an annual fundraising evening event offering a spectacular dinner, specialty wine tastings, renowned chefs, a silent auction with unique items, art, gift certificates and experiences (like weekend-getaways, spa retreats...) and support for a wonderful cause. The event is extremely important to the animals that need so much help, support and want a forever home to call their own and be loved!! Jewel has donated artwork annually to the fundraiser to help call attention to animals in need. The statues are specifically created for the Silent Auction event.  All statue artwork is coated in high gloss varnish.

Contact the Animal Protection Society of Durham here

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Leopard Collie, painted in a rainbow of colors with a playful take on leopard spots. The necklace is decorated with iridescent and glass beads, ceramic and gem charms with rhinestones on a silver chain.  The necklace is removable. (9"H x 6"L x 5.5"W)


Herophile, the Nymph daughter of Poseidon and Aphrodite. is a serene and noble cat painted in a design that embodies the feel of the sea.  Headdress and jewelry are made with glass and embellished beads, nickel, silver, manganese and seashells. (12"H x 7"L x 6"W)


Pug Dynasty, a Pug dressed in royal splendor of the Pug Dynasty. Painted in acrylic in Chinese-style designs on a golden coat, the Pug has a necklace of sparkling and scroll-design beads inlaid with rhinestones on a silver chain  The crown is created with intricate crown of flowers, leaves and swirls in the colors of nature with dangling chains of gold floral charms. (12"H x 7.5"L x 6"W)


Kuschel  ("Cuddles" in German) is a Boxer painted in acrylic in gradients of blues with high sparkle effects.  It is adorned with an intricate crown and necklace made of glass beads, nickel, silver and decorative charms.  (10.5"H x 8"W x 8"L)

Katia is an Indian princess.  She is painted in acrylic with a design of swirls and bright colors of her culture. She adorned with tiger striped and glittered discs in the center of each swirl design.  Her crown is made of silver and opalescent shells with dangling blue crystal and rhinestone charms. And of course, her nails have blue rhinestones. (4"H X x 6.5"W x 9.5"L)


Seafoam is a Terrier puppy painted in vivid colors of the sea, swirling into each other to create the flowing energy of the sea. The Terrier is painted in bright colors with splashes of metallic acrylic paint.  The jeweled necklace drapes across the neck and shoulders with glass beads with swirled metallic finishes, nickel and silver, iridescent and sparkling beads, charms in shades of blue, and the center piece is enameled turtle. The necklace is removable with a magnetic clasp.  (9.25"H x 8"L x 6.5"D)


Puzzle Pieces is a Labrador Retriever painted with acrylic in an interwoven design of rainbow colors. The necklace and anklet are embellished with silver, nickel and ceramic beads with a turquoise pendant. Both the necklace and the anklet are removable. (15"H x 8"W x 9"L)


Leo is Rottweiler puppy mold painted in a design that reflects snow leopard pattern, only with all of the colors of the rainbow!  The necklace is embellished with glass beads, rhinestones, silver and nickel (removable).  (9.5”H x 6.5”W x 7”L)

Special addition: A custom-made mask (with insert pocket for a filter, hand washable with nose wire) with the image of “Tsunami”, a painting that was accepted into the “Contemporary Art Collectors” book, 2014 edition.Along with the mask, Jewel Conway also created a ‘mask lanyard’ (like a lanyard for glasses) that hooks to the mask strings. Decorated with glass beads, gold, silver and nickel – you can be totally decked out in original artwork and not need earrings! As well as being able to take your mask with you easily as you go along your way.  Protected by artwork – and glammed up as well. How fun is that!?


Custom pet portrait commission donation worth up to $2,000.

2014    "Leopard Collie"  (Collie)   9"H x 6"L x 5.5"W

Leopard Collie Group Pick.jpg
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