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Similar to the very successful decorated cows project in Chicago and other cities, Kaleidoscope Horses, in Phoenix, Arizona, featured 25 life-size horse statues with designs by professional and scholastic artists.  Each Kaleidoscope Horse was sponsored by a  business, organization or non-profit in Maricopa County.  Sponsors received a high level of exposure for their Sponsorship as the artwork was done live at five malls in Maricopa County in a time frame of three weeks (five horses for each mall), providing a public venue for the community to observe the transformation process.  Artists were chosen by submissions state-wide.

The statues were judged by vote online (Van Gogh won!)  All 25 horses traveled around the state of Arizona for display at resorts, galleries, exhibitions, The Randy Johnson Invitational Golf Tournament, International Arabian Horse Show (Scottsdale, AZ), Arizona State Fair, Tostito’s Fiesta Bowl Parade and the largest horse parade in the world, Parada Del Sol, in Scottsdale, AZ. 


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Dimensions:  6'2"H x 8'L x 2.5'W   (120 lbs ) Holds up to a 200 lbs


"Where'd Van Gogh", a life-sized Arabian horse statue, was sponsored by the Epilepsy Foundation.  The connection to epilepsy is reflected in the design.  Because Vincent Van Gogh reportedly had epilepsy, Jewel referenced two of his paintings, “Starry Night” and “Road with Cypress and Star”, as well as his famous irises.  The focus of the Epilepsy Foundation by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) was “Out of the Darkness”.  The design of ‘night’ and ‘day’ transitioned from one side of the horse to the other – reflecting the W.H.O. focus.

The horse took 90 hours to paint and Jewel estimated she spoke with hundreds of people within that time.  The Epilepsy Foundation provided literature and resources to those interested in the project and Jewel described her experience with her epilepsy.  "Where'd Van Gogh" was displayed at the National Epilepsy Foundation Conference, with special honors onstage.  "Where'd Van Gogh" traveled throughout Arizona for display at galleries, resorts and art festivals for five years.

Van Gogh & Gweed.JPG

He was even transformed into a Unicorn for a special art event "Unicorn Art Mix Exhibition" (Click on the Unicorn Art-Mix link to take you to the selection within "Non-Profit") with the addition of a narwhal horn (not real) painted in black with black glitter.



Eventually, “Where’d Van Gogh” was donated to the RRR Horse Rescue in Cave Creek, AZ (he couldn't make the trip to North Carolina) and is their mascot which participates in promotional activities, adoption events and community outreach programs. They renamed the horse as "Jewel".

Artwork image.jpg



2008 – Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona Annual Mardi Gras Gala Fundraiser, Scottsdale, AZ    Artwork for Silent Auction commissioned by the Epilepsy Foundation, and used on all promotional and fundraiser promotional merchandise.

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