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Kumari is an Indian princess decked out in royal garb and jewels. The design reflects the bright and spectacular colors of an Indian sari, as well as the swirls and free-form markings that contribute to the stunning presentation that the princess is wearing to a royal celebration. 

She is covered in brilliant colors from ears to paws!  Her ears are adorned with dangling ruby glass and rhinestone earrings. Her luminous blue eyes (rare for an Indian princess) are glass gems.  Her whiskers, the only item that is black on the sculpture, is made of rod iron. and her pink collar is decorated with turquoise shells.

Her tail is wrapped with an intricate swirl of glass beads, silver, nickel and glitter befitting a princess.  The tip of her tail displays a sparkly and glittery curved piece in the colors most represented in her royal costume.  Kumari's royal paws are decorated with millefiori and mirrored tiles. Her anklet has a magnetic closure and is removable. (Although, it is dear to her since her nieces made it and gave it to her on her birthday...)

Kumari's shoulders are decorated in teardrop rhinestones. Her heart, the center of her being, is connected to a silver and ruby-colored charm that represents her love for peace, compassion and  helping others.

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