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Vicki Cat Gogh


Vicki (Victoria) Cat Gogh is the famous Vinnie Cat Gogh’s flamboyant and stunning twin sister.  Although her brother, Vincent, followed a life that sacrificed monetary benefits for artistic magnificence – Vicki flounced off to experience life at its fullest, and with style.  Vicki is a high-maintenance, glamorous, fabulicious feline who knows who she is and what she is all about, with a kind heart for others!  No shrinking violet, Victoria is all about style, cat-attitude and bling. Shirking the ‘queen-like’ name of Victoria, she calls herself ‘Vicki’ – because it sounds more ‘fab’. In fact, since she is Dutch, she calls herself ‘Duchess Vicki'.


She is a free spirit and, as a Cat Gogh, has inherited the love of bright swirling colors that is the trademark of her family.  She swaths herself in bright, unique designs and bling of all colors.  Even her name tag has diamond-like attention to detail.  Her hairpiece is a reflection of her personality.  She doesn’t just have hair… she has a fabulous turban made out of glass beads and gems.  Some parts of her turban even move. Goes with any outfit. AND includes a feather-like hair clip that can be a fashionable devil-may-care look, or taken out for a more formal, Duchess-y look, at her whim.  In fact, the hair clip can be lifted from her turban by her partner (no one owns Vicki) and clipped into his or her own hair – if her partner wants to take part in the absolute fabulousness that is Duchess Vicki Cat Gogh! And who wouldn’t?


Duchess Vicki sports Italian millefiori circular glass tiles, glass gems, multiple colored mirrored tiles and assorted glass and ceramic adornments.  Her collar is encircled with copper, which includes turquoise and beaded pieces.  Her blue sunglasses are also made of copper and beads.  

She is sporting a fabulously high glossy sheen for this special occasion. Although Vicki is the ultimate glamor gal to walk down the cat walk, she has a big heart of gold.  She created a charity (‘All That and Then Some Kittens’) to house homeless kittens in her palatial cat house – making sure all of them are happy and loved!!  (Vicki was the Queen of the  Ball and is now ensconced with her wonderful new partner.)

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